More holiday reading

I suppose I have to admit to falling into the bloggers’ trap of posting about lists on more than one occasion. And I have recently posted about holiday reading lists. Undeterred, I’m going to link here to (yet) another one, because I think this one is pretty good. It is by Kimbofo on the puzzlingly named Metaxucafe, a literary group blog. (Or Meataxe, as Typepad’s spellcheck helpfully suggests.)

I haven’t read every book on Kimbofo’s list, but by and large, if I have, I have enjoyed it. The selection would be too light for some tastes, but the explanations she provides give a pretty accurate idea of whether the author is likely to be for you (or at least, do for the authors I have read).

Kimbofo’s own blog is called Reading Matters, subtitle "a place for bookworms". It has a reading group attached to it.  The author describes herself as an ex-pat Australian living in London, "a trained journalist who works in magazine publishing and has a slight book addiction which is beyond cure." Naturally, I’ve now subscribed.