Tables and squares

So, when you finally get to sit down to nurture your blog after a long hard day at work etc, what order to do things in? Some people have kindly commented on posts and I want to answer them, others have sent emails of interesting articles and so on. Then there are bloglines subscriptions to look at, and finally there are the thoughts buzzing around to write about. I don’t know where to start (and know I probably won’t have long before I’m interrupted).

A couple of links, then.

First, are you thinking of moving your blog host? Then I know just the place for you to go to for a great blog software comparison chart. This is a table, first published in July 2005 but updated on 18 May 2006, comparing all the features of the most common blog software: Blogger, three levels of Typepad, Blogware, WordPress, Movable Type and Expression Engine. You can compare at a glance what functionality you get for your money (or your non-money) for every possible feature — basic, extras, maintenance, spam-fighting tools, design and publishing interface. There is one update already: you now get the Captchas anti-spam with Typepad basic (not that it seems that great — not as hilarious in choice of word verification or as effective as Blogger, as I get several pharmaceutical comments now whereas I never did on Retired Petrona).

(The link is from the Online Journalism Review; I picked it up via a Connnotea posting by Timo Hannay.)

From high-tech to low-tech, here is a very useful page called Generate your own Graph Paper. You can download printable PDFs of square graph paper, dotted paper, lined paper, axonometric perspective paper (?!), triangles, hexagons, trapezoids — you get the picture (;-) ). Great for school or for young children to colour in on long car journeys. There are loads to choose from, including, ominously, a link called "sudoku".

(I’ve totally forgotten how I found this link, sorry.)