Jane Eyre look-alikes

Amy, not On the Web on this occasion, but in Books, Words and Writing, has a posting (see below) linking to a site called Buzzwords , which claims to be dedicated to de-mystifying jargon. Buzzwords is a dictionary in which one can spend many a happy hour browsing.

Here’s an example especially for Susan: "deja poo: The feeling that you’ve stepped in this bull before."

This is quite good: salad dodger: Someone who is overweight. "What does he look like?" "Well, he’s a bit of a salad dodger."

I like this one: Boolean Approach: A decision-making process favored by business execs in which the answer is either "yes" OR "no." Also known as a "digital decision."

Amy also links to one of those quizzes which are just everywhere. This one is of some interest to me so I actually did it: "Which classic literary female character are you?" The only such character I ever remotely identified with was Jo March from Little Women (until she blew it by getting married), but I came out as Jane Eyre, same as Amy. Please put your outcomes in the comments– are Amy and I soulmates or is there a mass consipracy to make us all Jane Eyre? (Both could be true.)

Link: Books, Words, And Writing: Warriors In the Battle Against Jargon.

6 thoughts on “Jane Eyre look-alikes

  1. Deja poo! That I can relate to. Actually, it was a case of deja poo with the female literary character quiz too. I dutifully filled out the form but then couldn’t figure out how to submit my answers. The site seems to have a sign-in mechanism, but of course I couldn’t figure it out! I was concerned that if I pressed the matter I’d end up with a new blog or something!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett! I’m surprised – I thought I’d get Catherine Earnshaw. I’m not too keen on Pride and Prejudice but I love Wuthering Heights. Apparently I got my answer because I’m independent and not afraid to say what I want. Which is true really!

  3. It told me I was Elizabeth Bennett. Which surprised me, because a different quiz confined to Jane Austen characters told me I was Elinor Dashwood. But anyway, there doesn’t seem to be a Jane Eyre conspiracy.

  4. Minx, I can definitely see you as Catherine Earnshaw!
    I would prefer to have been Elizabeth Bennet than Jane Eyre becuase EB is so witty and independent, but I guess the truth is I am a bit of a boring academic.
    Susan, the site is a bit horrid, I agree. When you click on the link, just ignore all that signing in stuff, you scroll down a little bit, and then you just start clicking on the little circles. That should do it — I didn’t sign in anyway. I look forward to reading how you come out.
    I wonder if they had any other female characters in there? I note nobody has come out as Madame Bovary, just as well. And I wonder, Amy, if Beth March is one of the posssible answers?

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