In Over My Head

Please welcome another new(ish) blog, In Over My Head. I say new(ish) becuase it has been going since the weekend, and I know that 2 days is old news in the blog world.

In Over My Head has an interesting life-history already. On Sunday, Susan went over to have a look at deblog to check if anything was happening, and it was — Debra had posted that her daughter Rebecca has started her own blog. Susan went over to take a look, tried to comment, and — found herself proud owner of her own blog!

Anyway, please do go over to take a look, it is a really nice blog and has a beautiful picture on it of the view outside Susan’s back window which is just breathtaking.

(Rebecca’s blog, the Rebecca Files, can be found by clicking here.)

1 thought on “In Over My Head

  1. Thank you for the very kind mention, Maxine! I feel quite out of my element in the ‘blogosphere’. Yours looks so sleek and elegant! I can’t imagine being capable of doing what you’ve done.

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