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If my posts on Petrona seem disjointed, that’s because they are. It is an exception to sit down and write one uninterrupted from beginning to end. The previous one was interrupted by the need to go and collect Cathy from a friend’s house. The one before that had Jenny’s tea made in the middle of it. And so it goes. I need to go and do something else now so do not have the time to write any sensible thoughts about movies made from books, so I’ll just link to this post about it. According to to Alex Diaz-Granados, author of:  From page to screen: 10 of the best films made from novels, the cream of the crop are (10) From Here to Eternity, Jurassic Park, Die Hard (?!), Schindler’s List, Stand By Me, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Guns of Navarone, The Enemy Below (?), The Hunt for Red October (I have not seen this but do know it has Viggo in it — even so, ???) and (1) Jaws.

Plenty to argue about there, I submit. And at least The Godfather isn’t on the list. But I think very few of these movies would make it onto any list I tried to make. Harry Potter 4 was a reasonable stab at the book, if rather brisk and breathless. The Lord of the Rings movies (extended editions) are sublime. And what of the classics such as Far From the Madding Crowd or more recent varieties like Pride and Prejudice? If you had to choose a Stephen King book-turned-movie, what of Shawshank Redemption or Carrie? As usual with these lists, one could go on for ever.

Gotta go!

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  1. Pleanty indeed to argue about, Maxine. Just off the top of my head, what about The Treasure of the Sierra Madre? How about three adapted from the same author: Lost Horizon; Goodbye, Mr. Chips; and Random Harvest? Two of which have Ronald Colman in them, to boot. Then there’s To Have and Have Not. Oh, and Room at the Top. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. I’d better stop.

  2. Very rare that I enjoy the film after the book but Blade Runner/Do androids dream of electric sheep? still remains at the top of my list.
    Hated Minority Report probably because it had that shorthouse in it!!

  3. Thank you all for your comments, very much appreciated.
    Frank, I love all your choices. They put many of the selections on the Alex Diaz-Granados list to shame. But I suspect we are both showing our age a bit here!
    Minx, yes, Blade Runner was a good movie, and it had a very nice actor in it (Harrison F) compared with the Shrimp. Although they made the movie with two endings and I saw both (but, of course, have totally forgotten them), I think I dimly recall that the ending of the book (or short story) had more of a punch. I have actually recently bought a collection by Philip K Dick containing Minority Report, as the movie was good (despite the awful TC) it made me want to read the source material.
    Steve, I did like Silence of the Lambs but not as much as the original Manhunter, did you see that? It is on my Amazon DVD list in the links on the left. That was a good book but a really great movie, I thought, directed by Michael Mann.
    Thanks very much for the comments on the new look. I will pass them on to my web designer (Jenny, 10).

  4. The resemblance between Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Blade Runner is rather tenuous, which may not be a bad thing. I think that the “Blade Runner” model of a movie which is inspired by a book, but only bears a loose resemblance, and has a different title from the book may often be better and more honest than supposed-adaptations where the movie has the same title as the book.
    As you may have discovered, the movie Minority Report bears even less resemblance to the short story of the same name.

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