Judging books by covers

Just trying out this TypePad "quickpost" facility, which I can’t get onto my toolbar but can into my bookmarks, so that’s a start. I’m linking here to a "bookclub" on Bibliophile Bookpen. The selctions in the linked post are: "Drinking, Smoking and Screwing" but, wait for it, subtitle "Great writers on good times"; and "Lying, Cheating and Stealing", subtitle "Great writers on getting what you want when you want it".

From a Library Journal review of the former title, on Amazon.com (link on Bibliophile Bookpen post): "This collection of 24 poems, essays, short stories, and excerpts from novels written between 1917 and 1986 has been put together to show readers that there was a time when Americans enjoyed drinking, smoking, and screwing rather than worrying, as do many writers in the 1990s, about how these activities threaten their health." All sounds fine up to this point, but sadly the review continues:  "However, though many selections are amusing, most stress the problems and frustrations that result from these activities rather than the joy."

For the second title, here is an excerpt from the (unattributed) Amazon review: "This deviously inspiring plunge mto the netherworld of grifters, fibbers, shysters, and scam artists finally settles the score. With over twenty-five page-turning excerpts from this century’s wildest and most entertaining American writers ……. Lying, Cheating & Stealing brings back the days when getting rich and getting even were more important than multitasking, working out, and recycling. This priceless collection will remind everyone how good it feels to get what you want — in bed, in the bank, and just in the nick of time. Bad boys and girls rejoice! Once again revenge is sweet, cheaters prosper, and nice guys finish last. "

Sadly again, this is probably pubisher’s blurb. There is only one customer review on Amazon, which says: "I wanted this book to be cool, I really did. The truth is that it’s a faker. It looks cool, it sounds cool, it smells cool; but this book is not the fun, edgy collection of essay, prose, and short stories it should have been."

Oh well, the titles are good!

Link: Bibliophile Bullpen: Bullpen Bathroom Bookclub Vol 8.