Ups and downs of writing

Alison Gresik was working with a writing coach, and as an exercise, had to meet her gremlin, "the negative voice inside my head that makes it hard to create". Her gremlin is her twin self, who talks to her in the second person, tells her to play it safe and not stick out from the crowd. But:  "The thing is, I kind of like her. She does want to help. She belongs to me, she’s part of the gang. She’s annoying but endearing as long as I don’t succumb to her tirades and arguments. We can even joke from time to time. She plays a bit of the fool, overdoing her part, to help me see that I shouldn’t listen. And she feels better once she lets off some steam. By noticing the things that set her off, I can identify the problem areas and give them attention." What’s your gremlin like?, asks Alison.

In a related (kind of) post, Paperback Writer discusses the movie LA Confidential.  Although the publishing industry isn’t like the bleak world depicted in the movie, says PBW, "losing track over the years of the reasons why you take on a difficult job, and keep working at it, now that is something that can happen to any of us." She continues: "Whatever happens to you before, during or after publication, whatever is said and done, whatever good or harm comes your way, don’t forget why you’re a writer."

There is a good interview with Lynn Veihl (PBW) here, by the way.