Flowers in the garden


I promised Frank I would post some pictures of our garden. These were taken by Jenny with her new camera.

Garden3_2 Garden2_4  Garden5_3 

Bookbinding exhibition

Last Saturday’s Times drew attention to an upcoming exhibition called "Covered: Beauty and Art in Contemporary Bookbinding" from 18-27 May at the Flow Gallery, Neehdam Road, London. Phone (+44) 020 7243 0782. The illustration accompanying the Times article is wonderul (Jeanette Koch’s binding of Frances Wood’s The Silk Road).

Personally, I have never been that interested in the cover of a book, I just read it, preferably in paperback so I can jam a few into whatever bag I am carrying with me "just in case I get stranded somewhere for a few hours" (I’ve always been like that, I don’t know what deep internal psychology is going on there). However, if you are into the beauty of books, this exhibition definitely seems worth a visit if you can get to London and have the time. The Times article is pretty interesting too, being an interview with two bookbinders and a description of their art. Apparently there are no full-time bookbinding courses on offer in the UK any more, although there are ways to learn the profession. And traditional bookbinding does still happen, on a small scale. These pictures are from the exhibition’s website (link ealier in this post).