Search and traffic

I see from many blogs that it is mother’s day in the USA today: in the UK it was a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, I’ve conincidentally spent today visiting my Dad, so not much time for posting — interesting to read Problogger on blogging strategy for the weekend.

Liz  (M. E.) Strauss over at Successful Blog links to an article by Paul Stamatiou on how to boost your blog traffic. Me, I’ve got plenty — 10 or so readers is about all I can handle ;-). But if you want to showcase your content to a wider audience, I think Paul has some useful tips on how to use Technorati (when it is up 😉 ), Feedburner and other tools. Looking at the number of comments and links at the end of the post, a lot of other people agree.

Google trends is a newish feature by Google allowing you to track (you guessed it) trends in search terms over time. The link I’ve provided is not to Google Trends itself but to an explanatory article by Barry Graubert of Content Matters, who attended the launch of GT and three other Google products. Barry also provides some links to other bloggers’ postings about GT — but not this rather good posting at Problogger, with nice screenshots (just look at "blog" for example). I like the comparison possibilities in GT — here’s the pepsi-coke challenge, for example (see full-size image by clicking on the thumbnail):


The letters are Google’s helpful suggestions of news events that might have contributed to dips and troughs, in its opinion.

While on the subject of Google, J. Godesy at Bibliophile Bullpen is fed up with New York hogging all the limelight and proposes a literary map of the world with Google maps. Great idea.

That’ s my bit for today/tonight — another week begins at 6 a.m. tomorrow.