Pink flowers

Pink_flower Jenny is a keen Flickr user, being in many groups and sharing many photos, especially as she finally cracked and spent some of her long-accumulated pocket money on a camera. Last weekend we went to the nearby Isabella plantation as it is the time of year for the azaleas and rhododendrons to be out, and the gardenias and camellias are still hanging on in there. Jenny and her friend Lydia (a budding opera singer) took many photos, which can be seen in full glory on Jenny’s Flickr area (link above — most of the pictures concern characters from Fruits Basket, a Japanese manga story). Flickr being the great social enterprise that it is, it did not take Jenny long to find a "pink flower" competition, so she uploaded one of her Isabella pictures into it — hers was about the 400th entry. The closing date was yesterday, so Jenny is now checking in regulalry to see how she got on.

Another recent visitor to the Isabella plantation was Giles G-B, whose beautiful pictures can be viewed at New Tammany College.

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