Women and the publishing business

Two great posts from two excellent blogs.

Lynne Scanlon, self-proclaimed wicked witch of publishing, describes her experiences at a breakfast meeting of the Harvard Business School at the Harvard Club in New York. Wonderful stuff, I can imagine just how she felt. This is perfect blogging — apt and informed analysis of the publishing industry conveyed by a clever turn of phrase, and humorous yet undaunted personal reactions.

Jenny D, on Light Reading, draws attention to a New York magazine feature called Brainy Young Things, in a post entitled White Guys are Still in Charge . The NY magazine features four relatively new male editors of "serious magazines", one of whom, the editor of Harper’s, is quoted as saying: “We’re all sort of the anti-blogs,” …..“And I think we will eventually triumph over the blogs!” The article points out that all four magazines lose money. As pointed out in the comments to Jenny D’s posting, the accompanying "death mask" photo of the four editors, whether intentionally or accidentally looking that way, says it all.

Lynne W. Scanlon said…

Maxine, thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Your comments here–and there–made my day, and it is only 6:34 a.m. Good morning to you!

10:39 AM

Maxine said…

Good afternoon to you, Lynne, and thank you for brightening my day!

5:19 PM