Scott Adams’ opinions

In common with hundreds and no doubt thousands of other people (if the comments are anything to go by), I enjoy reading Scott Adams’s Dilbert blog. Today he has a great posting about his opinions.

Yesterday, he said he would give his true opinion on as many topics as his commenters asked (and he could find time to answer). He’s responded today, at the link above. I just love it. Here are a few examples, but read the whole thing.

Q. What do you see as the greatest problem facing the world today?
A. Religious nuts (assuming global warming gets fixed).

Q. What is your opinion on the nature, constancy, and relevancy of time?
A. Ask me again yesterday.

Q. What’s your opinion on abortion?
A. It’s bad for the fetus. It’s convenient for the adult who wants one. Arguing about when “life begins” is an attempt to offload a tough question on the dictionary or the courts or a superstition. I support the majority opinion in favor of keeping abortion legal. I value the quality of life for adults higher than the unrealized life of a fetus. And I trust the majority (the mob) to figure out the most realistic place to draw that line.

Q. Who, out of any person, would do the best job of dictator with total control of the world, and please give a real response.
A. Bill Gates. He’s rational, experienced, and has a good track record of helping the disadvantaged through his charitable trusts.

Q. Do you think people can be ‘born gay’, or is it developmental?
A. I think people are born with specific sexual preferences, including being on the fence about it. I think that the people who are naturally bisexual might pick one side and go with it depending on their life experiences. It’s those fence sitters who make it seem like a lifestyle decision for everyone. But the people who have never been attracted to the opposite sex are clearly born that way.

Sometimes I think Scott Adams just likes to wind up his audience — posts a provocative argument and watches all the commenters jump around or wrap themselves in knots. But the "opinions" pieces are great: he’s connecting with his audience; answering some hard questions (eg about use of torture) very well; and being funny at the same time.

Just one more example, which I think is a pretty good life position:

Q. What’s your opinion of yourself?
A. I’m good at some things and bad at others. I’m lucky that there’s a market for the things I’m good at.