15 City Skylines

15 Best Skylines in the World

At the link is a beautiful series of photos of city skylines by Luigi Di Serio at his blog diserio.com. (There are actually 18.) I was referred to these pictures by Steve Rubel at micropersuasion.

Bonnie Calhoun said…

I got them from the link you gave Frank. They are absolutely breathtaking….I was mesmerized! Except I’m a New Yorker….I miss the World Trade Centers…the sky line will never be the same!

6:24 AM

Maxine said…

I agree completely, Bonnie.
I am hoping the guy will do "15 beautiful natural skylines" next but I doubt he will as his website says he is an urban planner.

7:55 PM

Cathy said…

Very nice, but where’s London?

10:12 AM

Maxine said…

Thank you, Cathy, and good point!

8:56 PM