Googlepage links, maybe (update: yes)

I was exicted to read a few weeks ago that Google has introduced a web page builder. I was too late to sign up, but I registered and was thrilled yesterday to receive an email from Google inviting me to try the Page Creator service, still in beta. I’ve created a couple of web pages already (and, inevitably, so has Jenny, though she finds the Google service pretty tame compared with Yahoo: Geocities, in which you can make your mouse track anything you like and generally do lots of "jumping up and down" (as I call them) things).

I’ve attempted to link to these pages in the right-hand nav bar of Petrona, but the links go to 404 errors. I don’t know if this is me or Google (as the function is still beta), and their help pages aren’t much help, as such pages rarely are.

So I’ll attempt to link to the pages from here, just to see if that works. If not, I’ll keep working on it: Clarke-Irving page and About Connotea Detective . (And, for luck, Jenny’s page.)

Note: the links don’t work (apart from the Page Creator link). I’ve sent the Google technical support people a help request, and will fix the links if I hear from them or if I otherwise have an inspiration.

Update: The links above now work, and the link to the main Clarke-Irving page in the sidebar now works, thanks to Dave Lull for the tips. The "About Connotea Detective" link in the sidebar is still being stubborn but I am working on it.)

Final update to this post: All working now.