A woman from Cairo

For some time I’ve been reading Val Landi’s blog about his book "A Woman from Cairo" which, of course, is not available on UK Amazon unless you want one copy (that’s all there is on there) for 56 pounds sterling. Val’s is an interesting blog about writing, publishing and marketing (or attempting in the second two cases) your novel. Val has been going great guns recently on selling his book via US Amazon.

Today, Val has an amazing post: "Post A Woman from Cairo on your website or blog through the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Alibris affiliate programs along with a jpeg of the cover, and I’ll send you a free autographed copy of the novel. Post it and send me a link and your snailmail address and I’ll mail it off."

Well, I can’t do this as I’m not set up for it, and the offer may only be good for US addresses (though I have my methods!). I thought I’d post this information so anyone in the US who reads this, and has the set-up Val describes, can take advantage of his generous offer.

If nothing else, Val is a fan of "24", which has to be good.