Why RSS Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

Micro Persuasion: Why RSS Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

Unbelievable. Read this, via Steve Rubel:

"There’s been a lot of debate about why RSS usage has been slow to take off among mainstream Internet consumers. Here’s one reason. Most Web users only visit six sites on a regular basis, according to a UK study. What’s more, 95% say they go online with a specific destination in mind. The researchers are calling this the ‘Supersite’ phenomenon. "

This "six regular sites" seems hard to reconcile with the part of the report that says three-quarters of people questioned say the Internet is indispensable to their daily lives. According to it, "just one banking, shopping, travel information and holiday website is enough for a person to keep their life well-managed."

On the report is one of those instant polls that says "Do you visit more than six sites regularly?" I clicked "yes" ;-), and saw that so far, 84 per cent have done the same; 16 per cent have clicked no. I wonder who formed the basis of the survey, then?

Six sites, hmmmm —would that be possible for me? Well, I don’t vist holiday sites on a regular basis, but here is where I do go regularly: four banking sites (current account, savings account and two credit card accounts), several information sites (Times, BBC, Google, etc); about 5 regular online shopping sites (Amazon, Next directory, Ocado (supermarket), Big Wednesday (surf wear đŸ˜‰ ), and a couple of others occasionally. I have about 6 utilities sites (phone, gas, electricity, local council, etc) As of today, I have 111 feeds in my rss reader. I have 50 bookmarks in the side of my browser that I visit maybe once a week. At work I visit between 10 and 20 internet sites a day (most frequently pages within my company’s site or other journals, or info sites like Medline, Wikipedia.). At home I visit about 50-100 sites in addition to the 50 bookmarks in my favourites list on an occasional basis. On Connotea, I have about 150 bookmarks in my Detective resource and about 500 science-related in my work persona of Maxine. I subscribe to a few theatre and cinema websites/lists. I have a few Google news alerts. I might occasionally look at holiday sites if we are planning an actual trip somewhere.

Am I an addict? Or a totally integrated person? Or both? (I don’t get out much, obviously.)