London Reading Tube Map

London Reading Tube Map Originally uploaded by Annie Mole.

I have got a bit bored with the endless stream of London Underground mashup maps (station names changed in line with some theme). But this one is a bit different: "London Reading Map".

From the London Underground blog:

"Now the next is not entirely accurate when it comes to the Tube map and locations as a lot of artistic licence has been used. It’s the cover of a book – London by the Book – by Rough Guide in association with a campaign to "Get London Reading": "From Bloomsbury to Bromley, Geoffrey Chaucer to Zadie Smith, London by the Book is a guide to the city through writers and their writing. Packed with obscure and intriguing information (How did Graham Greene survive the bombing of his Clapham house in 1941? Which nineteenth-century poet was in the habit of sliding naked down the banisters?), it chronicles the waves of novelists, poets and playwrights who have lived in London over the centuries, written about it, and developed its identity as a result."

Apparently copies are being given out at some tube stations next week, or you can download it via a link on the London Underground Tube blog. (I have just been to take a look and it is 66 pages long. Luckily I noticed before pressing "print".)