A bad night. Not only did I spell apostrophe wrong, which is a careless thing to do, but I have got spots all down the side of Petrona which clash into the text in the most horrible way.

I was trying out some of the kind suggestions about how to tag in response to my recent query on Chicken Yoghurt’s site. Naturally this involved a bit of editing in the html. I have obviously inadvertently told the html to make all these bullet-points, but I cannot find out how. I am going to give up now becuase it is late, but if anyone is reading this, apologies for the messy look. I sure hope that one of these days I will be able to fix it.

I am going to find an html textbook and see what codes for bullet-points, then try to remove that code from the Petrona template. Unless a better idea occurs to me.

Returning to the apostrophe, Dave Lull, who is a serious source of information for Books, Inq, not only let me know I had spelt the word wrong (twice), but kindly offered me a let-out by demonstrating that Shakespeare spelt it with an "a" (and a few other letters mixed up too). However, although I am very touched by Dave’s chivalry, Shakespeare was a notorious poor speller, so I don’t let myself off the hook for that. Shakespeare was a writer, and writers are allowed to spell badly as they are creative geniuses. (Especially Shakespeare.) Editors aren’t, or they’d be out of a job.

So I am not doing well tonight. Maybe things will look better in the morning, and I’ll be able to get some time to address those bullet points at the weekend.