Grading books – Review of Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea

I have been taking a look at the Brothers’ Judd website today, an excellent book-review website.

The brothers have grades of review, from A-plus to F. Below F, they have a "to be determined" category, a "toilet paper" category and one "F-minus" category, which is below everything else. As there is only one book in each of these sub-F categories I had to take a look — they are a hoot. The F-minus is Wide Sargasso Sea (on my daughter’s GCSE English reading list).

Here’s the review in full:

Modern Library Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century (94)
Author Info:
Jean Rhys1890-1979
A prequel to Jane Eyre, it tells the story of how Rochester’s first wife went mad. This book sucked. I can not imagine how it made the Top 100. Maybe it’s just such a chick book that it’s inexplicable to men.
If you liked Wide Sargasso Sea, please leave this website.(Reviewed:)
Grade: (F-)

The "toilet paper" book review is pretty good too (a Susan Sontag book). And the TBD (to be determined) is a buisness book where the grading awaits whether the scheme outlined in said book actually works.

Go, brothers!

I have linked to some of the brothers’ reviews on Connotea Detective, now coming along nicely in terms of subcategories (tags), and even, I see, picked up by Timo Hannay, inventor of Connotea. (I know this becuase of following Chicken Yoghurt’s advice as discussed in my post "Blog stats for dummies" and setting up home-made blog tracking for Petrona, so I saw that he has linked to the area himself.)

I think I’m going to start a "Detective recommends" category on Connotea Detective too, inspired by the brothers.