As can be seen from the couple of posts below, I am back online after "cycling" the wireless router. This is quite a game of Russian Roulette as BT (British Telecom) takes its time to get back to you when you switch the object off and on. This time, it took all night, but this morning, another cycle did the trick, thankfully.

I’ve reorganised my Connotea crime fiction novels, authors and websites into one area. It can be linked to at the url Anyone can add their own links to this collection — Connotea is a free, open-source resource. If they use the tag "crime fiction" (in quotes) as well as any other tag they want to use, all the resources will be gathered in one place, as I have given every entry this tag (and others in some cases).

Other tags in the list include Sarah Weinman, David Montgomery and Bibliophile, all blogs dedicated (pretty much) to the topic. So each time these blogs post a review or other item about crime fiction, I’ll try to remember to post in Detective’s area on Connotea. Of course there are other subject tags too — and links to many other sites and blogs, including some author sites (so one can see which order to read series, for one thing).

I would like to graduate to a Wiki one day, but as time is short, the Connotea area is a good start.