Blog stats for dummies

Chicken Yoghurt has a good posting on Technorati and blog stats. I have yet to work out a way to tag my blog, which drives me mad, as I just love subject-tagging. (This is one reason why I am a big fan of Connotea and, indeed, why I instantly fell in love with the Internet and the Web, as I could straight away see the potential for "joined-upness" which the print medium does not lend itself to that well.)

But because I am interested in content and not very much in the technology underpinning all these wonderful applications like the Web and blogs, and I am not a 14-year-old teenaged boy (OK, OK, joke), and I haven’t got a few days to spare with nothing better to to, my blog remains untagged and unanything other than what Google kindly gives you on a plate.

What people like me need is a primer on how to do things like subject-tag their blogs. Or maybe it is all to do with buisness plans, ie you have to pay to have a blog using licenced software in order to get as sophisticated (joke, again) as tagging.

Chicken Yoghurt takes a step in the right direction by explaining, at a level I can understand, how to track traffic to your blog. Well, obviously, I don’t have any to speak of, just a handful of extremely discerning and very welcome visitors, but it is a start so I will try it out. It doesn’t involve the scary Technorati which all the tecchy people swear by, so maybe I will be able to do it without a computer science degree. (I was nearly born on a computer but that is another story and does not help much in present circumstances.)

Blog stats is not anywhere near as interesting (to me) as subject-tagging, but it is a start. I will leave ChickYog a comment and beg him to explain to an idiot how to do tagging.