My first screen kiss

Boing Boing: My first screen kiss

Boing Boing can be strident, eccentric, crass, tecchy, hilarious, political, crude, etc. But I haven’t seen it be sweetly sentimental before. This is rather a lovely little post– a touch of humanity in a technological age.

Xeni Jardin reports a Wired post:

"Walking through Tokyo’s Ginza district one Friday evening last month I saw an extraordinary sight that will soon become an ordinary one: A businessman was talking into his keitai (the Japanese word for cell phone), holding it out in front of him rather than to his ear. Suddenly, smiling, he raised the device to his lips and kissed the screen.
It wasn’t hard to piece together an explanation — the man was making a video call to his lover. His lover had asked for a screen kiss, or perhaps they’d synchronized one. It was my first glimpse of this behavior, and it happened in Tokyo, but I knew it wouldn’t be my last. Soon enough we will see this scene repeated in New York, London, Paris, Berlin and San Francisco."

There is a screen shot on the Boing Boing entry linked to above.

Famous people fingerpuppets

Boing Boing: Famous people fingerpuppets

Boing Boing sure is on a roll tonight. Just take a look at this — examples shown are Dickens, Einstein, Foucault and Eleanor Roosevelt (hang on a minute, Eleanor Roosevelt?).

No title could do justice to this

Boing Boing: Vintage mink Olympic penis-cozy for sale on eBay

I’m sorry, but how could I resist? There is a (disgusting) picture on Boing Boing which I will spare you here, but (I quote):


Exiled Tibetans protest Google censorship in China

Boing Boing: Exiled Tibetans in Dharamsala protest Google censorship in China

There are some good pictures here of anti-Google demos in response to the famed China censorship.
The people in the photo have no problem in spelling Google forwards, at least. And some of the posters are quite witty (I like the "Goolag").
It does make me wonder whether they created the posters themselves or whether they had help to make them?

But a bigger question is: if you are Chinese (or a Tibetan exile), what would you rather have, censored Google (and Yahoo! et al., this issue is by no means limited to Google), or no Google at all?

Like most questions, there is no easy answer. I know what I’d prefer but I am not saying I am right.

Awesomely mangled English

Boing Boing: Photos: awesomely mangled English on bootlegged crap in China

Take a look at this picture on Boing Boing. Loin king it ain’t, but I ask you.

I would happily pay more not to have any logos on anything I wear. I suppose that dates me horribly, but see where fashion victimisation leads you (and she’s only 13). I found it depressing when once on holiday on a Greek island, to find that the most popular day trip for the tourists was a boat ride to Marmaris in Turkey, for the sole purpose of buying fake (cheap) branded sports and designerwear. Yuk. What price Socrates and Plato?

Sweet FA

London Underground Tube Diary – Going Underground’s Blog

There is always something to smile about, even when there is internal sadness. Yesterday I loved the picture on the back of the Times of Ron Greenwood carrying the FA cup home on the tube. Today, London Underground blogger Annie Mole (sic) has posted the picture and a nice story about it.

If you don’t know who Ron Greenwood was (he died the other day, hence the tributes) , he used to have the most important job in England, more important by far than the Prime Minster, the Queen or the Archbishop of Canterbury. Yes, England’s soccer team manager.

(Since then we have had a turnip and a swede. Hope we can pick a more productive vegetable next time.)

Gene Testing and Insurance.

Tim Worstall: Gene Testing and Insurance.

A really depressing event today was to read in the Times that insurance companies (in the UK certainly) have applied to ask whether applicants have been tested for BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 gene defects. These genes are implicated in 5 per cent of breast and ovarian cancers, but if you test positive, you may never develop the disease.

There are many reasons why I find this depressing. But one of them is that those most sane and reasonable of people, bloggers, seem to think it is OK. Tim Worstall, who edited the excellent book "2005 Blogged", certainly seems to think so on his blog posting (linked to above). Read the comments, at least everyone does not agree with him. But it seems to me to be the thin end of a wedge. A sad day.

OK, this is me really

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OK I’ll be serious. This is me. (But my hair "had turned gold with grief" in this picture. It isn’t really that colour.)
Also I lost that great thing for holding on your glasses. Now they fall off a lot. Must do something about that. I am one of those people who had great vision all her life, then hit "a certain age" and now have c**p eyesight (+3.5 in fact). So I have never really got adept with these glasses.

What I look like

dalek Originally uploaded by maxine_clarke_with_jenny.

I decided I’d put a picture of myself on the blog. This is what I look like.


I am taking a couple of days’ holiday from work as it is half-term (although the girls have been doing their own thing independently, I am useful for ferrying them around). I did do some work of course, but decided to attempt to relax and watch a movie. "Elizabethtown" is one of our Amazon DVD rentals at the moment (for Cathy), and I was mildly interested in it, so I watched it.

It was awful.

I think I spotted Joe Don Baker (or is it Don Joe Baker?) in a couple of scenes, looking very old if it was him. However, the movie was just terrible in every respect apart from the JDB scenes (which weren’t that good, but he has "screen presence"). Mawkish, cutesy, irritating… me please. To give you an example, the two central characters begin their relationship by having a conversation on their cell phones during a whole evening, during which they (individually) have a bath, paint toenails, have a pee, go to bed, etc. But NEVER ONCE does either of their batteries run out.

Oh for heaven’s sake, I am now wasting valuable time writing about this vacuous piece of rubbish. Just stop me here and send me to the penitentiary.