The Fellowship of the Ring Originally uploaded by ez3kiel.

I’m sitting with Jenny, both using our laptops to look at Flickr. Here is a test upload. She is quite experienced at uploading pictures onto a blog (unlike me), so she’s told me how to move the picture around on the page and how to size it, as the example to the right is the auto layout you get when you click the "add to blog" Flickr button. Maybe I’ll try another one in due course….

Jenny is particularly taken with the Flickr calendar, where you click on a day and can see all pictures uploaded on that day. She is very keen on the pictures from 12 August 😉

When Flickr was bought by Yahoo! I saw some comments about how much more bureacratic the sign-in process has become. Yes indeed, you have to have a Yahoo! account, or set one up, to use Flickr. Hmmm. Actually I have one already, because Jenny’s school Parents’ and Friends Association has a Yahoo! mail group, so I have used that. But I don’t think it is great to have to go via Yahoo to get a Flickr account.