Reading vs writing

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find time to write entries. I’ve signed up to a lot of rss feeds via Bloglines (even more now than the 63 I was subscribed to according to my posting of 1 Feb). I’ve divided these subscriptions into web/tech (most of which I don’t understand but which I find very interesting and would love to "join in"), science, news, "misc" (eg bloggerheads, boing boing, dilbert) and books/arts. This last section is my favourite of all, so I save it up till last (like the girls with their ordering of eating of the food items on their plates). But by the time I’ve gone through all the others, linked to relevant ones on Connotea, saved interesting ones I don’t have time to read properly but "might do one day" on Petrona 2, I’m either burnt out, or everyone else has gone to bed, or both. So here’s my new approach: if I’ve got any thoughts to download to Petrona, I’ll do it when I first log on at night. Then I’ll go through my rss feeds. I guess I will end up writing posts that have already been covered on other blogs in a far more witty and erudite way than I have done, but after all, this blog is for me. Just becuase I know that four or five other people are kind enough to read it, I should not get embarrassed about being out of date, etc.