One of those multi-tasking days today, Jenny still ill so worked at home while she languished (drew characters from Fruits Basket and later, when she felt better, continued with her 39-slide (so far) power point presentation of same). Carpenter came round to continue with shelves (have lived with asymmetric hole in wall for 15 years) and created dust, needed endless cups of tea with two sugars, etc. Did my analysis of articles in our manuscript tracking system to see if they would be good enough to transmit to the planned production tracking system. And it is Cathy’s 15th birthday. I read someone else’s blog today on the rss feed: he and his young son are expecting a new baby to be born today. Reminded me of 15 years ago. Cathy really liked her presents, especially Pride and Prejudice which came out yesterday on DVD, timely delivery (paid extra for the first class mail) today from Amazon ensured it was wrapped and in her hands by the evening when she was home from school and Malcolm from work. She is studying the book for GCSE and finished it a couple of days ago, making the DVD even more apposite. I see Frank Wilson has nearly finished War and Peace. Well done Frank. And now, good night.