Blogging is good for you

I am no fan of pop psychology or instant polling, and even less of Big Brother, but I have to agree with these conclusions on London Underground’s blog

"It’s official – Blogging can make you happy!On the 2nd February the Evening Standard published an article titled "Unhappy? Time to begin a blog" with the following observation:"Revealing your innermost feelings on the internet is good for you, psychologists said today. A study of the phenomenon of blogs – or online diaries – found people writing them feel happier and more organised."Feeling that you have a forum for expressing yourself can make a huge difference to your psychological well-being," said psychologist Honey Langcaster-James, a Big Brother analyst." "

I’ve been having trouble with the link to the whole post, but I’ll attempt to do it here.

The London Underground blog also has some nice examples of the current fashion for Google mash-ups: maps of the underground with a music theme (each line is one style of music and each station on the line a musician or group), fashion theme, etc.

Today there is a competition to vote for Britain’s "most loved design icon" (?!) — but nice pics of cat’s eyes, mini (skirt and car), and various others, including inevitably the Routemaster Bus.