Web writing responsibility

How can we best make the writeable web a responsible place?

Dion Hinchliffe asks this question on his blog. He says "Controlling anarchy on the writetable Web might be as simple asking that folks flash their Identity 2.0 credential right before they change something on the Internet. This ensures their personal identity is attached to the change. And creating a verifiable chain of evidence might be all it takes for people to act more responsibily. Wiki vandalism, comment flaming, and other forms of anonymous mischief on the writeable Web may be eliminated forever when you know that your ID will be attached to it in perpetuity, affecting your hireability, possible suitability for public office, and more, forever."

The link is interesting, apparently the Washington Post had to shut their site to comments on Friday. So how to make the web the way most people (says Dion) want it? He’s drawn a good diagram of what he proposes.