My-journal – just-for-me publishing?

info NeoGnostic: My-journal – just-for-me publishing?

What a great idea. This takes further the concept of personalising your contact with a company, for example the "my area" pages of Amazon. In the case of science publishing, you come into the publishing company’s site onto a personalised page which shows you tracking for the papers you are authoring (submitted) and peer-reviewing for all the journals published by that company, graphs of your statistics (how many people have viewed your published papers, cited them and so on), shows you other products (articles) that might be relevant to you, using semantic matching software, and so on.
This neat idea of info NeoGnostic’s is to widen this concept to the whole world (well, Internet). Each person would have their own "journal" in which he or she would be supplied with articles and information of interest to them, via their own chosen keywords and tagging. Now that would be a journal I would pay money to subscribe to.
I think it could even be technically feasible, based on what Chris Armstrong (info NeoGnostic) says in his posting. Brilliant! Probably someone would eventually work out how to infiltrate ads, spam and so on, but maybe even not, even better!