Challenging evolutionists and IDers

Another of the debates going on over at Books, Inq. is the old chestnut of science v religion, or in its current form in the USA, Darwinian evolution vs "intelligent design" (aka creationism). Orientation can be obtained by visiting Nature, one of the original proponents of Darwinism and still going just as strong on that front.

This debate will never be resolved before time ends, but I cannot resist posting Frank Wilson’s splendidly inflammatory (to both sides) comment:

"I think this debate over evolution and religion is a marvelous example of people talking and thinking at cross-purposes. On the one hand you have a group who are sort of like people trying to figure out the meaning of Hamlet by studying the carpentry of the Globe Theatre, and on the other a group who, having figured out the carpentry, conclude that Shakespeare never existed. "

Is this wonderful comment something that everyone who has any view on Darwin vs god would disagree with? 😉