Finished Cold Granite

Finished Cold Granite this a.m. Was OK but nothing special. The plot was standard (one policeman is even reading a book by Ian Rankin in one brief scene — Cold Granite seems to have aspirations in that direction), and the identity of one of the villains (there are quite a few of them) immediately obvious to a seasoned crime-fiction reader, but not picked up in the book until much nearer the end, when the main character has a "flash of inspiration". There are several fairly gruesome descriptions of corpses which, as usual, I skimmed as (in my view) unnecessary, but this fact would have made the book notorious rather than admired, presumably. A readable book, mildly suspenseful, but too many murders, and the resolving plotlines too connected, to be convincing. There will be a sequel (start of first chapter included in p/b of this book).

Kevin Wignall said…

Maxine, just returning the courtesy and visiting your blog. Lots of interesting stuff.

By the way, my response to your comments over at Nomad wasn’t intended to put you in your place. Well, maybe a little, but of course, what I was really saying was, "Busted!" Apologies if I came across as rude.

7:58 PM

Maxine said…

That is a very gracious comment, Kevin, thank you.
My posting on your blog was a paltry attempt at humour which didn’t work, apologies if I sounded schoolmarmy.
And as I mentioned, your blog is full of interesting content, as well as beautifully illustrated with a lovely picture that changes each time you look at it.

7:10 PM

Another 52 Books

Another 52 Books: 52 mystery authors

This link is to a posting on the blog "Another 52 books". The author used to be on a different server but has now moved. The challenge the author has set him/herself is to read 52 new authors (possibly more than one book per author) and to post reviews on the blog. Sounds interesting, and worth tracking.