The Passion of C.S. Lewis

The New York Review of Books: The Passion of C.S. Lewis

The above is a link to an article by Alison Lurie, about which there has been some discussion on Light Reading (Jenny D’s blog). Apparently the NYRB article is free access so let’s hope the link will link to the article in perpetuity ;-).

Frank Wilson said…

Starting with her reference to "the death and rebirth of Christ" (it’s resurrection, Alison) and continuing right through to her unattributed reference to Thomas Frank’s addle-pated What’s the Matter With Kansas? (the mindset "that makes people vote against their own economic and social interests"), it seems evident to me that Lurie hasn’t a clue as to what actually takes place in the mind of an intelligent and informed practicing Christian. She probably doubts that we exist.

10:31 PM