Science Blog aggregator at Seed

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Well, a few days ago I learned that Seed magazine has created a science blog aggregator (see Connotea tag "blog" for details). But it does not seem to have an rss feed so I have subscribed via Bloglines to the ones that look interesting. This is cumbersome, to say the least, it would be far better if Seed had an rss feed so users can just monitor updates via their rss reader (in my case, Bloglines). I don’t know if this lack of rss is me being silly, or deliberate on Seed’s part for some commercial reason or other (ie they are trying to get traffic to their site/ads), or that Seed has a technical problem/hasn’t got round to developing the rss feed yet.
Anyhow, one of Seed’s collected blogs, Corante, has blogged about the Seed aggregator (all the blogs being aggregated are very excited about it as you can imagine) so I have asked this question on Corante’s entry (see url at top of this posting). I have no idea how this trackback functionality works so I thought if I uploaded the url of the Corante entry here, I could check back to see if Carl Zimmer (Mr Corante) has answered me (or one of his readers). Does blogging work like this? I don’t know, but hope I will find out.
I also left a comment on Tim Worstall’s blog about secondary school education in the UK, in response to a posting he made about an article by Andrew Neil in the Telegraph (or maybe Sunday Telegraph). How nested can you get? 😉 I hadn’t worked out this "how to monitor if you get a reaction to a comment" thing then either.