Connotea and Manga

We had an editors’ meeting at work in which Phil asked us about use of Connotea. Turned out I was the only person who used and liked it (or had even tried it in one case). After explaining why I find it useful (browser for bookmarks, as well as sharing/organising/discovering as advertised), I offered to demo the system to people. This will also have to include rss feeds and aggregators. I have fixed this up for the News and Views team (the least scary) on Tues. I hope it will go OK, I think that before then I’ll set up "News and Views" as a Connotea user and put the current issue up there, and see what they think.

Still working through Jar City, I am enjoying it but seems to be less time than usual at the moment so have not yet finished it. In a way I am still catching up after taking time out to watch Bleak House last weekend and one weekday night. Pathetic really, but I did have a 2-hour meeting with a friend after work on Wednesday, which is something I do about once a year. Sad life.

In the meantime, more deliveries from Amazon, so the piles are still increasing. Quite a few of these deliveries are Fruits Basket, a Manga series that Jenny is very keen on. I gave her vol 1 for Christmas (via Amazon semantic matching recommendation); turns out to be a long series of books published by TokyoPop, who seem to publish a zillion Manga titles, as well as a Japanese TV series. So I have ordered a lot of the books but unfortunately vol 2 is just not available, seems to be reprinting. Jenny is patiently waiting for it before she embarks on the rest of the series. I think her reasons for liking it are partly the Japan/Manga angle but partly becuase the books fulfil her categorisation interests, linking signs of the zodiac with certain animals/characters. Just so long as she doesn’t end up believing in astrology.