Made myself finish Clovis today: it did not improve. Petered out in a set of wooden conclusions, but I’d given up caring or remembering all the minor characters. Next I think I’ll try Jar City, the first of the series by Arnaldur Indridason, who last year won …er….can’t have been the golden dagger because they don’t like translations, but large award and lots of excellent reviews. I like to read series in order, but for this one, the first is out of print, so I have bought it second-hand (ex public library) via Amazon from a very nice person. Read my first collection of UK blogs yesterday, some quite amusing ones. I think I’ll have to let them "bed in" as they are a bit varied, possibly too hotch-potch for regular reading, as opposed to having Tim Worstall doing an annual round-up. I did read a useful post about the Historian and Fleshmarket Close, and left a response, a toe in the water.

Jenny D said…

Hi–just came here via your comment on my blog–I read Jar City not long ago and LOVED it, I feel sure you will like it a lot.

6:14 PM

Maxine said…

You are right, Jenny! Wonder if you have read any more in the series. The paperback of the next one is not published in the UK until later this year.

2:38 PM