FF, Google and Grisham

Yesterday, tried again to see my personalised Google home page using Firefox and it worked. So they have either just decided to support each other (given up trying to decide who is supporting who), or I was not doing the right thing yesterday. Probably the latter. FF is working well so far, nicely intuitive, though I think that the security settings are a bit obscure. I’m finding it hard to interact with websites such as Connotea (but the site may be down today). Maybe I should read more of the instructions — I am not very patient about this kind of thing. Started John Grisham’s "The Broker" yesterday, good so far (up to p 100). I stopped reading him after the one about the condemned criminal, but caught up with a couple last year (via needing to fulfil book club commitments and them being sold off cheap). I think he has picked up again, I quite enjoyed his last two. Can I remember what they were called? One was "The Last Juror" but the other one’s title escapes me. I saw a posting on Boing Boing (I think – read it via scanning my bloglines feeds) asking why more women aren’t professional bloggers. I am very amateur but have clipped that posting just in case I do ever shape up.