“Sympathy between Humans” and Firefox

I’ve just finished "Sympathy between Humans" by Jodi Compton. Excellent read. As is so usual with crime fiction, the ending is disappointing compared with the rest of the book. All the loose ends are tied up, and too many people die (or are revealed as having died) to maintain the believability. But the book is so well written and interesting that this does not really matter. I am left longing for her next one. SBH is a follow-up to Compton’s first, "The 37th Hour", also very good. I have also finally installed Firefox, as everyone who I know who uses it says it is so much better than Internet Explorer. First problem is that FF does not support the Google personalised homepage (or do I mean that the other way round?), but in other respects it seems better (eg remembering passwords on various sites).